Hong Kong SAR Taxi and Taxi Call Stations Phone Number

Hong Kong Taxi

Hong Kong SAR Taxi

There are 3 types of Taxi in Hong Kong China: The urban taxi is in red color, the new territories taxi is in green color and the lantau taxi is in blue color. Except for the urban taxi, the new territories taxi and the lantau taxi have restriction on the operating area in Hong Kong China.

The operating area of the different types of taxi

The red urban taxi has the most operating area in Hong Kong, which it could operates in the most area in Hong Kong China except Tung Chung Road and roads in south Lantau Island. The most noticeable area are in the Hong Kong Island and in the Kowloon area where you could only see red urban taxi operates there.

The new territories taxi operates at the new territories area which included the area of the north of Shatin and the north of Tsuen Wan. Other than those area, it cannot operates outside of the permitted area, therefore you cannot find any green color taxi in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

The lantau taxi operates only in the Lantau Island which included Chek Lap Kok. The lantau taxi has the least operational area in Hong Kong China.

The taxi fare

The taxi fare of all taxi in Hong Kong has a fix rate for trip of the first 2 kilometres or any part thereof, and extra fare will be charged based on time and distance. There are also addition changes for different circumstances, please refer for the Taxi fare of Hong Kong from the Transport Department for the most up-to-date taxi fare in Hong Kong:

Taxi fare of Hong Kong – Transport Department

Taxi Call Stations Phone Number In Hong Kong China

The red urban taxi

ABA Taxi Radio Call Services 2729 6600
ABA Taxi Radio Call Services 2729 6600
Centre ABBO Taxi Owners’ Association 2383 0168
Chuen Lee Radio Taxis Association 2398 1881 , 2398 7686
CTOD Association 2343 3189
Digital Taxi Telecommunication Center 2720 6877
Fraternity Taxi Owners Association 2527 6324, 2529 8748
Happy Taxi Operator’s Association 2728 8282
Hong Kong Taxicab Call Centre 2186 6866
Hong Kong Taxi Owners’ Association 2574 7311, 2574 7314
Hong Kong & Kowloon Radio Car Owners Association 2760 0455
Quadripartite Taxi Service Association 2332 2571, 2697 4333
Rights of Taxi (Si Hai) Telecommunication Centre 2697 4333
Rights of Taxi Owners & Drivers Association 2332 2571, 2697 4333
The Kowloon Taxi Owners Association 2760 0411
The Taxi Operators Association 2362 2337
United Friendship Taxi Owners & Drivers Association 2760 0477
Wai Fat Taxi Owners Association 2861 1008
Wai Yik HK & KLN & NT Taxi Owners Association 2776 7885, 2776 7888
Wing Lee Radio Car Traders Association 2397 0922,  8118 0000
Wing Tai Car Owners & Drivers Association 2527 8524

The green new territories taxi

Association of N.T. Radio Taxicabs 2657 2267
Fraternity Association of N.T. Taxi Merchants 2476 2266
H.K. Tele-call Taxi Association 2669 1088
H.K. and Kln. Rich Radio Car Service Centre Association 2719 1199
N.T. Taxi Owners & Drivers Fraternal Association 2457 2266
N.T. Taxi-call Service Centre 2383 0168
New Territories Taxi Merchants Association 2476 4247
North District Taxi Merchants Association 2677 8888
Sai Kung ABA N.T. Taxi Radio Call Services Centre 2383 0168, 2729 6889
Sai Kung Taxi Operators Association 2729 1199
Sun Hing Taxi Radio Association Taxi Association 2450 2288, 2475 0417

The lantau taxi

Lantau Taxi Association 2984 1328, 2984 1328

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