Wong Tai Sin Temple – Predict your future with fortune sticks

Wong Tai Sin Temple

Wong Tai Sin Temple

In this post, I am going to introduce to you the most famous Taoist temple in Hong Kong China which is the Wong Tai Sin Temple at Kowloon. The temple is located at the Wong Tai Sin district, and as the district’s name is suggested, it is named after the Taoist god “Wong Tai Sin” who is the Taoist god at the Wong Tai Sin temple.

History of Wong Tai Sin

Wong Tai Sin TempleEvery Taoist temple has a history behind it.  The name “Wong Tai Sin” in Chinese’s direct meaning: “Wong” is the surname and “Tai Sin” meaning great god. Before “Wong Tai Sin” became a Taoist god, he was named “Wong Cho Ping”.  He was born in 328 at the Chinese city Lanxi. There is a rumor about which he was a shepherd at the time and met a Taoist saint at the country side of Red Pine Mountain where he was being trained become another Taoist god at the age of 15.According to the information from the Wikipedia, the temple was build by a Taoist Leung Renyan.

The Wong Tai Sin Temple Complex

Wong Tai Sin TempleThe Wong Tai Sin Temple Complex consists of different buildings. When you enter the temple, you will see the Wang Ling-guan Shrine. You should turn left and walk up the stairs, you will see donation box for donating to the temple, then you will see the Statue of Yuelao and Couples at the right side and if you wish for relationship, you could pray in front of him. Keep going up you will see the statues of the 12 zodiac animals. And turn right, you could choose to go down though an entrance at the left to visit the Taisui Yuenchen Hall or walk up the stairs, where you will found the main temple of Wong Tai Sin along with God of Wealth Shrine, God of Chinese Medicine Shrine, and Fuk Tak Shrine. You could start your praying for good luck there and use the fortune sticks to predict the future.

After visiting the main temple of Wong Tai Sin, you will see the Three Saints Hall, Yue Heung Shrine, Memorial Hall, Fung Ming Hall, and Confucian Hall. After visiting those halls, you could also visit the beautiful garden behind the temple before you leave.

The fortune sticks of Wong Tai Sin

If you go to Wong Tai Sin temple, you might wish for good luck by praying to Wong Tai Sin. However you could also try to use the fortune sticks at the Wong Tai Sin temple to predict your future (which is believed by many local people). The fortune sticks consists of 100 sticks with number on it from 1-100. They are all within a fortune stick wooden holder. The shape of the wooden stick holder is like a tall glass and the sticks are as long as a regular straw and they are in the holder with half of the it outside of the holder. What you have to do is to pray in front of Wong Tai Sin while holding the stick holder, first you need to ask the thing you want to know in the future such as relationship, career, health etc and then start to shake the holder consistently,  when it is shaking, the sticks inside will eventually fall out of the holder and the first stick fall onto the ground will be the answer of your question. You will then mark down the number of that stick and return the sticks and holder back to where it was. There are many future tellers next to the temple, you could consult them with the question you ask and the number of the stick for the answer.

The 100 sticks has been classified as 5 main categories which are “the best” (3/100 sticks), “second best” (12/100 sticks), “good” (30/100 sticks), “neutral” (37/100 sticks) and “bad” (18/100 sticks) and every individual number has its own accent Chinese story which the circumstance is related to the answer of your question.

The Location of the Wong Tai Sin Temple:
Wong Tai Sing Temple

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