High Island Reservoir – Observe the Hexagonal Rock Columns

High Island Reservoir

In this post, I am going to introduce to you a special place in Hong Kong where you could see the famous hexagonal rock columns, the place is the High Island Reservoir which is located at the east of Hong Kong Sai Kung.

The High Island Reservoir

High Island ReservoirThe High Island Reservoir is located at the Sai Kung Country Park, Sai Kung, Hong Kong. It was built in 1978 and is the largest reservoir in Hong Kong. The High Island Reservoir have two dams which are the High Island Reservoir West Dam and High Island Reservoir East Dam. The High Island Reservoir is a great place for hike as it is located at the country side and the entire path around the High Island Reservoir takes more than an hour to complete. To reach the High Island Reservoir, you could either take the bus near the diamond hill mtr station or at the Sai Kung, or take a taxi from Sai Kung. If you are a hiker, I would recommend you to take the bus as the bus will reach Sheung Yiu station which is closed to the High Island Reservoir but have a distance from the High Island Reservoir for you to walk and enjoy the country side.

High Island Reservoir Drain Hole

If you take the bus to the High Island Reservoir, you need to walk from the Sheung Yiu station.  Enjoy the beautiful view on the way, the first attraction you will see is the high land reservoir drain hole, the high land reservoir drain hole is to drain water out of the Reservoir when the water within the reservoir has reached a certain level. The drain hole looks amazing when the water level is low as you could see the entire drain hole which is a gigantic structure. It looks a UFO from far away.

High Island Reservoir West Dam

After 20-30 minutes of walk from the High Island Reservoir Drain Hole, you will reach the High Island Reservoir West Dam. The High Island Reservoir West Dam is a dam between the Reservoir and Chong Hing Water Sports Centre. On the left side, you could enjoy the beautiful view of the High Island Reservoir at the top of the dam, under the sun, the water is blue color like a mirror. On the right side of the dam is the Chong Hing Water Sports Centre which is a water sport centre at the bottom of the hill. The water sport centre is consists of a pond, a pavilion and a field, when you look far from it, it looks like a small Chinese village.

High Island Reservoir East Dam

High Island ReservoirFinishing visiting the High Island Reservoir West Dam, continue to walk along the path for half to an hour, you will see the High Island Reservoir Monument which meaning that you have reached the High Island Reservoir East Dam. The High Island Reservoir Monument is a light blue color Hexagonal Rock Column, it is to pay tribute to the worker who died in the construction of the dam. Walk along the dam, you could see the Reservoir on the left side and a small scale of the Reservoir with a line of Hexagonal Rock Columns on the right side. Further on the other side of the sea, you could see the Po Pin Chau which is an island separated from the mainland, the separated surface of the island looks like being chopped by a huge knife.

The most important part of the High Island Reservoir East Dam are the Hexagonal Rock Columns. They are very unique as the High Island Reservoir is the only Reservoir in Hong Kong which has the Hexagonal Rock Columns. The columns are made with concrete and the purpose of them are to defense against the wave.  The Hexagonal Rock Columns could be one of the main reason for you to visit the High Island Reservoir.

The location of the High Island Reservoir:

High Island Reservoir

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