Shing Mun Reservoir

Shing Mun Reservoir

The Shing Mun Reservoir is a reservoir in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong China. The Shing Mun Reservoir was built in 1923. The gorge dam, the valve tower and the bellmouth overflow are Grade I historic buildings, and the steel bridge of the reservoir is a Grade II historic building. The Memorial Stone of Shing Mun Reservoir was declared as a monument in Hong Kong China. The Shing Mun Reservoir is great for hiking because there are two walking trails nearby which are the Wilson Trail and MacLehose Trail.

Location And Contact
Shing Mun Valley, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong SAR, China.
To Get There
40E , 40X , 43P , 43S , 43X , 46P , 46S , 46X , 47A , 47X , 48P , 48X , 49X , 73D , 73P , 73X , 263 , 269D , 278A , 278X
82 , 94S

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